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Organic Grain Black Pepper

Stok Kodu 152.01.006
130.00 TL
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  • Organic Black Peppercorn

    All our spices are pure spices with organic certification, pesticide and gluten analysis reports, and not irradiated. Using a small amount is sufficient and effective.

    Organic Black Peppercorn
    can be used in dishes by grinding or as a grain for its great aroma and flavor. Tea can be made by boiling it. It helps to regulate bowel movements and relieve gas pains. It is also known for its accelerating effect on fat burning.

    Weight and storage
    50 gr in a Glass Jar.
    Store in a cool place, away from direct light.

    Does not contain!
    It does not contain any synthetic inputs, preservatives or additives including gluten, sugar, dyes, flavors. Filling and labeling of the spices in 100% pure form was done by hand.

    Where Simplicity Meets Labor
    Each of our 100% pure spices is individually filled and labeled by hand.

    Click for Organic Black Peppercorn Analysis Report!

    Click for Organic Black Peppercorn Pesticide analysis!

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