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Organic Coconut Oil with Turmeric

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  • Organic Coconut Oil Turmeric

    Curcumin, the most effective ingredient in turmeric, is difficult to absorb from the intestines and easy to remove. Thanks to the piperine and coconut oil contained in black pepper, absorption is much easier. Heat is the key point. Our cure, consisting of oils and spices, each of which is organic certified and analyzed, is hand-made.

    Organic Grain Black Pepper (ground), Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Turmeric.

    Consumption in Infants and Children
    It can be added to babies' soup in small amounts after the transition to complementary food. Nursing mothers can consume it to take advantage of the milk-enhancing effects of coconut oil and turmeric. Children can use half the adult's daily use amount.

    It is added to warm drinks (bone broth, soup, etc.) and consumed.

    Daily Consumption Recommendation
    Add 1 teaspoon of Organic Coconut Oil Turmeric, 2 tablespoons of Fermente Mutfağım Organic Fermented Apple Drinking Vinegar to 1 glass of Fermente Mutfağım Drinking Marrowbone Broth . It is mixed and drunk every morning when hungry.

    Weight and Storage
    • 160 gr. in a glass jar.
    • It can be stored for until its recommended consumption date in a cool and dim place without direct exposure to heat and light.

    Does not contain!
    It does not contain preservatives, additives, salt, sugar and gluten.

    Freezes in the Refrigerator - Melts at Room Temperature
    Since coconut oil melts at room temperature and freezes in the refrigerator, if your product is in liquid form, consume it by mixing before use.

    Click for the coconut oil turmeric product certificate.!

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    Click for Organic Turmeric Powder Pesticide analysis!

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