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Hot Fenugreek for Breakfast

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  • Hot Breakfast Fenugreek

    Handmade Breakfast Fenugreek-Hot
    What gives our fenugreek its extraordinary taste is the quality of the special tomato paste and other raw materials we use in its production. Our tomato paste produced in season from local seed tomatoes and capia peppers are dried in the sun in traditional ways, and only Çankırı Rock Salt is found in our tomato paste. Our fenugreek does not contain added salt. The rate of hotness is normal and only hot pepper paste gives the hotness to our fenugreek. It should be considered as medium hot since no other material is added to give additional hotness.

    Hot pepper paste, tomato paste, walnut, sweet red pepper, cumin, black pepper, fenugreek powder, turmeric, garlic, extra-virgin olive oil.

    Weight and Storage
    • 370 gr. in a glass jar.
    • It can be stored for until its recommended consumption date in a cool and dim place without direct exposure to heat and light.

    Does not contain!
    It does not contain preservatives, additives, sugar, dyes, fillers, any synthetic inputs and gluten.

    Origin: Turkey
    It was produced by hand using traditional methods.

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