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Siyez Sourdough

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  • Einkorn Sourdough 150 gr

    Einkorn Sour Yeast
    It is a sourdough made of 100% Einkorn flour and strengthened by long years of fermentation. It is a symbiotic natural yeast with a wide variety of bacteria and fungi in an aged sourdough, and its bread is both tastier and stale later than young yeast. Therefore, using aged yeast in sourdough bread making is an important detail that directly affects the result.

    Features of Bread Made with Einkorn Sourdough
    • It does not get stale easily and is very tasty.
    • It is extremely easy to digest.
    • The small amount of gluten in Einkorn flour is broken down by the sourdough and turned into digestible bread.
    • Its glycemic index is very low.
    • Even a small amount of sourdough bread fills and keeps you full for a long time.
    • Einkorn sourdough bread does not decrease blood sugar rapidly, as it does not increase blood sugar rapidly.
    • It is nutritious and extremely rich in vitamin B12.
    • Even those with yeast allergies can safely consume sourdough bread.
    • Einkorn sour yeast does not cause allergies because it is made up of natural probiotic bacteria.
    • Einkorn sourdough protects bread against harmful mold and fungi.

    Kastamonu Einkorn Flour
    Whole grain, the bran is not removed.
    The first wheat that was originally wild and later cultivated was the oldest wheat, also known as the ancestor of all wheat, and contains only 14 chromosomes. Modern wheat has 42 chromosomes. Einkorn wheat flour, whose gluten content is extremely low compared to modern wheat, is fermented with Siyez sourdough and when used, gluten is completely broken down and becomes digestible.

    Einkorn wheat flour, drinking water.

    Does not contain!
    It does not contain preservatives, additives and dairy products.

    Weight and Storage
    150 gr. in a glass jar. It is kept in the refrigerator with its lid closed. It can live for many years from generation to generation when fed regularly.

    Things To Watch Out For - Warnings
    Always use steel spoons and glass jars for feeding and preservation (never use wooden spoons, yeast will get moldy). Disinfect the equipment to be used with boiling water first. Feed only with Einkorn flour.

    Nutrition of Yeast
    Your sourdough is alive and it also needs nourishment. Its food is Einkorn flour and drinking water. Even if you do not make bread regularly, you should feed your yeast once or twice a week. There is no harm in feeding more. As your yeast is fed, it multiplies and increases.
    2 full tablespoons of Einkorn flour and 3 tablespoons of drinking water are added on Einkorn sourdough and mixed homogeneously. Close the lid of the jar so that the yeast gets air and leave the lid unclenched. In a warm environment, the yeast is expected to rise. Depending on the ambient temperature and humidity, the rising time of the yeast may take 2-4 to 12 hours. This period may take longer in cold winter days. The cell-like yeast is risen and ready to use. You can now take half of it to make bread, and put the other half in the fridge for a few days to rest.
    After that, you can feed your yeast once or twice a week without spoiling its consistency, and you can either make some bread or put it back into the cupboard without making it. When you are not at home, your yeast can last for 1 week without feeding in the refrigerator.

    For Sour Yeast Einkorn Bread Recipe, see " Kastamonu Einkorn Flour " page.

    Allergen warning
    Contains Gluten.

    Click for detailed information about Sour Yeast!

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