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Pumpkin Fiber Cleaning Soap

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  • Pumpkin Fiber Cleaning Soap

    "Environmentally Useful Cleaning" Product!

    We added pumpkin fiber to our handmade cleaning and laundry soap and brought a new perspective to cleaning. It cleans thoroughly by foaming, rubbing.

    Usage Instruction
    It is applied to the desired surface to be scrubbed and cleaned by foaming with water. It does not leave any toxin residue behind. It is 100% recyclable in nature. It does not contain microbes, it is antimicrobial.

    Production in GMP Standards
    All our cosmetic and cleaning products and soaps; It is produced manually by our chemists in accordance with the legislation and under the supervision of the Ministry of Health, with the necessary analysis and tests, using the cold press method within the framework of GMP certified "Good production systems".

    Earth friendly
    We are happy that we are beneficial to humans, animals and nature with Fermented Cleaning products.

    Weight-Instructions for Use, Life and Storage
    • Since it is handmade, its weight is 108 gr. with 120 gr. may vary between.
    • You can keep it in a dry place for many years. Be sure to leave it in a dry place in your bathroom after you start using it.

    It is for cleaning. In case of contact with your eyes, rinse with plenty of water.

    Edible sunflower oil, water, natural pumpkin fiber, sodium hydroxide * (Provides saponification of oils, never found in the finished product).

    * Bottom Note:
    The saponification value of each oil is different. For the saponification of oils, a calculated amount of sodium hydroxide is added during production and during saponification it combines with oils to turn into natural glycerin *. It is not found in the finished soap in any way and leaves no residue.

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