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Natural Pumpkin Fiber Sponge

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  • Natural Pumpkin Fiber Sponge

    "Multi-Purpose, Environmentally Beneficial Cleaning and Care Product"

    Why Natural Pumpkin Fiber Sponge?
    • One cleansing tool for your skin, home, kitchen, all living spaces and body
    • It is a completely natural fiber that can be 100% recycled in nature.
    • It is anti-bacterial thanks to its natural vegetable fibers.
    • It cleanses the dead skin. When the pumpkin fiber pouch is applied to the body, it creates a exfoliating
    effect and removes the dead skin.
    • It can help prevent cellulite formation.

    Use in the dishes:
    You can clean all kinds of dishes by softening it with warm water and foaming it with the My Fermented Kitchen liquid or solid, handmade Arab soaps.

    Use in cleaning
    It is used with our handmade Arab soaps and Fermented Cleaner on toilet, bathroom, sink, countertop and similar surfaces. Provides deep cleaning.

    Use in the shower
    By foaming with our Fermented Shampoo or Artisan Soaps, it is used on the body instead of pouch and fiber.

    It is obtained from 100% natural pumpkin fiber.

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