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Miswak Fiber Toothbrush Replacement Heads

Stok Kodu 152.03.078
295.00 TL
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  • Miswak Fiber Toothbrush - Replacement Head

    Miswak Fiber Toothbrush is a completely natural toothbrush with its head made of miswak fibers and a body made of beech wood.

    What is Miswak Fiber?
    It is obtained from the branches of a fragrant tree called Salvadora Persica and is used as a natural toothbrush. The fibers of miswak are solid and dead. Therefore, no harmful microorganisms can grow and survive in it. This feature makes it an antimicrobial dentifrice. In plastic toothbrushes, microbes and bacteria grow after use. Miswak pH level is suitable for mouth structure. Thanks to its soft structure, it does not damage the gums and tooth enamel while cleaning the teeth.

    Changing the Miswak Head
    Remove the miswak fibers, which are shortened and deformed after a certain number of use, by turning each head to the left from the body to which it is connected with a screw system, and replace it with a new one.

    -The fibers of our completely natural product may fall out from time to time. Accidental ingestion of fibers poses no health problem. However, the product is for external use and cannot be swallowed.
    • For the safe use of your children, check your brush head regularly and tighten the loose heads. Please accompany your children while brushing
    For usage information and effective usage, please check MISWAK FIBER TOOTHBRUSH product page.

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