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Flavored Palm Juice Concentrate

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  • Sweetening Date Juice Concentrate.

    It is halal certified and produced from 100% dates. Having an effective sweetening power, Fermente Mutfağım Sweetening Date Juice Concentrate contains natural fruit sugar. It has the nutritional values of dates

    Usage areas
    In everything refined sugar is used, it is used as a substitute for sugar.

    Amount of use
    1-2 teaspoons depending on taste is enough to sweeten foods such as tea, coffee and milk. In making milk desserts, jams, cakes, cookies or desserts with syrup ; It is sufficient to use 4/3 glasses of date juice sweetener instead of 1 glass of refined sugar.

    Weight and Storage
    360 gr. in a glass jar.
    It can be kept for 1 year at room temperature with its lid closed. It can solidify like honey. In this case, you have to melt the product in a double boiler.

    Date juice concentrate.

    Does not contain!
    It does not contain preservatives, additives, added sweeteners, colorants, aroma, synthetic inputs!

    Click for Fermente Mutfağım Sweetening Date Juice Concentrate Halal Certificate.

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