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Fermented Skin Tonic - Rose

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  • Fermented Skin Tonic Rose 250 ml

    What is Fermented Skin Tonic?

    Fermente Mutfağım Organic Apple Cider Vinegar is a toxin-free skin tonic with 4 simple ingredients formulated with rose water and edible fatty acids.

    Usage Areas: Provides cleaning and care before and after make-up. It helps to refresh, calm and soothe the skin. Provides deep cleansing by cleaning the skin from toxins with its natural ingredients. With its pore narrowing effect, it tightens the skin and helps to create the skin's natural barrier. It is very effective in soothing the stretched skin after sunbathing. Used before and after makeup.

    Directions for Use: Shake the bottle before each use. Apply directly to the skin by spraying or with the help of cotton, massage into the skin.
    It does not require rinsing. After each application, to moisturize and nourish the skin, use Fermente Mutfağım Centaury Oil Evening/Night Cream or Pomegranate Seed Oil Day/Sun Cream to keep your skin nourished and moisturized.

    Let's Take A Look At Its Content:

    Patchouli Oil: In addition to its magnificent smell, it is used in traditional medicine in Asian countries; in the treatment of hair problems such as oily scalp and dandruff; It has been used to treat skin irritations such as acne and eczema.

    Jasmine Oil: Apart from its incredible fragrance, it is a very important sedative. Its soothing properties are not limited to the skin. It also helps reduce anxiety levels, thanks to its spiritually calming effect. Endorphins released with jasmine oil massage improve blood flow and promote skin rejuvenation.

    Rose Water: While rose essential oil is extracted by water vapor distillation, the first distillation obtained is 100% pure drinkable rose water. It DOES NOT CONTAIN fragrances, preservatives and additives. Thanks to its natural rose essential oil, it provides self-protection to the product.

    Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar: Some organic acids develop during fermentation in raw apple cider vinegar. Of these, malic acid makes it antibacterial, acidic acid adds acidity to the skin and cleans harmful bacteria. Raw apple cider vinegar also contains many vitamins and minerals, as well as live beneficial bacteria antioxidants and amino acids. Raw apple cider vinegar is a living food and means life for our skin. Applying apple cider vinegar directly to the skin is not suitable because of its acidity. Fermented Skin Tonic is suitable for skin PH with its formula developed with natural ingredients as well as apple cider vinegar.

    Weight and Storage
    It is in a 250 ml glass bottle with a spray cap. Since it is a fermented product, keep it in the refrigerator with the mouth closed in the hot summer months so that the fermentation does not continue and the smell does not change.

    What Are Its Effects?
    • Made from food ingredients, 100% edible content
    • A comprehensive package of nutritious foods for the skin
    • Helps slow down new skin damage and aging effects
    • Helps repair existing damage / cells in the skin and support new cell growth
    • Helps to remove dead cells with its peeling effect
    • Protects and supports the skin microbiome. It is very effective in increasing the population of probiotics in flora.
    • It helps to increase the absorption of nutrients and minerals from healthy oils in the skin
    • It cleanses the skin deeply and provides detox effect
    • Suitable for hand, face and whole body use
    • Suitable for use by all skin types and age groups.

    What is Fermented Cosmetics?
    Probiotics also work as basic cleansers for the skin. They increase cell immunity and create a healthy skin barrier. They help the skin to work in a clean and breathing structure by protecting the natural skin flora. Fermentation is a method of producing many beneficial bacteria such as probiotics by fermenting foods using traditional methods. All products in our Fermented Cosmetic Series contain organic fermented food products.

    If the Fermented Skin Tonic is accidentally drunk by children or adults, it will be no different from drinking water with vinegar, as it is made from food ingredients.

    Regulatory Requirement: For external use, non-smoking. In case of contact with your eyes, rinse with plenty of water.

    Even after bottling, tiny mothers can form in our product made with our organic vinegar and clog the spray gun. During use, check and clean the nozzle as necessary.

    We are happy that we are beneficial to humans, animals and nature with Earth

    Fermented Cleaning products.

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