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Sirden Yeast

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  • Sirden Yeast.

    Fermente Mutfağım Sirden Yeast is a Halal certified natural rennet

    What is Sirden Yeast?
    Used in traditional cheese production for thousands of years, sirden yeast is made from grape juice containing enzymes naturally secreted in the stomachs of calves and kids to digest breast milk.
    Sirden yeast is rich in digestive enzymes and beneficial bacteria and therefore helps in balancing the intestinal flora. Cheeses prepared by natural fermentation using sirden yeast have probiotic properties due to their structure.

    Why Make Cheese with Sirden Yeast at Home?
    The yeast used in cheese making is the most important factor determining the taste and quality of cheese. Cheese from sirden yeast is also extremely delicious due to the enzymes it contains. Even when you get used to this taste, it is not possible to get the same taste from other cheeses.

    Besides being very enjoyable to make sirden yeast cheese at home, it also has many advantages. The biggest advantage is that you eat a healthy and extremely tasty cheese. When you make yeast cheese from 5 lt. of milk, you obtain 1 kg of cheese, you also get around 4 lt. of nutritious whey (whey protein) with valuable protein. You can add whey to your bread dough if you wish, and you and your household can drink. In other words, you will have used all of your initial milk and not wasted any part of it, on the contrary, you will give milk a more beneficial form than its original form.

    Sirden yeast.

    Weight and Storage
    100 ml. in glass bottle. It is kept in the refrigerator up to 1 year with its lid closed.
    Amount of use: For 5 lt. of milk, add half a lid of the yeast.

    Sirden Yeast Cheese Recipe
    5 lt. * home pasteurized milk
    Half Fermente Mutfağım Sirden Yeast,
    Food thermometer,
    Dark buttermilk made from 1/2 cup homemade yogurt.

    Add half a lid of Fermente Mutfağım Sirden Yeast and the buttermilk made from half a glass of homemade yogurt into the milk, and mix it with gentle movements without creating an eddy. Wrap it up warm and wait for 1.5 hours. At the end of the time, cut the coagulated milk at 2 cm. wide and divide them into squares. After waiting another half hour, proceed to the filtering stage of the watered curd.
    At this stage, our action * is to separate the whey (whey protein) and curd.
    Place the strainer covered with a cloth on it in a pot and pour the curd to drain the water. Wait for half an hour like this, by putting weight on the cheese and keep it under weight for 3-4 hours to completely remove the water.
    Cut your cheese to a size that will fit in the jar, drench each part of each slice in covered Çankırı Rock Salt and put it into a glass jar. When the cheeses lined with salt in the jar are finished, close the jar tightly without adding anything else and keep it in the refrigerator. After resting for a day, the cheese released its water, absorbed salt and hardened. If you wish, you can get rid of excess salt by soaking your cheese in water half an hour before eating. Since your cheese is made from pasteurized milk, it is ready to be eaten without waiting.

    A little warning!
    Once you make the Sirden Yeast cheese at home and start eating it, you will never find another cheese as good.
    Bon appetit.

    * Home pasteurized milk
    You have to keep the milk heated at 75 degrees with the bain-marie method for 15 seconds and lower it to the cheese fermentation temperature in a short time like 10 minutes. You can easily do this by placing a closed saucepan in the sink, pouring cold water over it and stirring the milk in the pot from time to time, if necessary, by placing a few cool-packs in the sink.

    * Whey (whey protein)
    Whey protein is a protein that contains essential amino acids (essential amino acids that must be obtained by the body from outside). This protein is used and beneficial for athletes, for those who want to lose weight, to strengthen the immune system and bones.

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