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Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Mother

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  • Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Mother

    What is the Mother of Vinegar?
    Vinegar mother is houses formed from cellulose by useful dominant colonies of bacteria that develop during fermentation. At the beginning of the fermentation process, the self-formed “mother of vinegar”, like tulle on the surface of the vinegar tank, develops and thickens at the end of the fermentation process and when it completes the maturation phase, it descends to the bottom of the fermentation tank.

    Organic Certified*
    It is the first and only organic certified apple cider vinegar in Turkey.

    Traditional Fermentation
    started with organic apple, drinking water and very valuable “organic vinegar mother” that we obtained from our previous vinegar ...

    Fermentation and its product vinegar, as old as human history, were used by our ancestors for thousands of years as a remedy for everything. At the end of this long and laborious fermentation journey that lasted for months, the reward we received is a sweet, soft flavor and indispensable richness to our lives. The mother of organic vinegar is also formed at the top of the tank during the fermentation of this magnificent vinegar.

    Mother — Drink — Raw Apple Cider
    Apple; It is a fruit rich in potassium, pectin, malic acid, vitamins and calcium. While the fermentation process brings organic acids, beneficial enzymes and living friendly bacteria to the apple, it synthesizes and multiplies all the vitamins, minerals and nutritional values in the apple. In this way, it makes them more useful and nutritious. Foods obtained by the fermentation method are living foods and are very valuable food sources for the body. Their importance for us is not limited to these. Fermented foods also increase the absorption of nutrients by synthesizing the vitamins contained in other foods consumed with them in the large intestine.

    Not Pasteurized (Raw)
    The mother of organic vinegar is raw, so it is a living mother of vinegar.
    not as clear as the glass, but blurry.
    At the bottom of the bottle, the residue of vinegar can accumulate. Gains from fermentation and nutritional values are not lost.

    Areas of usein the making of organic vinegar;
    apple cider vinegar, the ferment is added to the bottle with its vinegar together. 1 jar of Fermente Mutfağım Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Mother, is enough for up to 5-8 litres of vinegar jars.

    Recipe for Natural Fermentation Apple Cider Vinegar;
    You can find Ferda Uslu's original recipe by clicking on the blog post titled “Making of Natural fermented vinegar”.

    Externally Use;
    Fermented Mutfağım Organic Vinegar Mother is also used as a mask for the skin due to its high nutritional value and living structure..

    1 First of all, the problem area is washed and cleaned with Fermented Mutfağım Artizan Soap.
    The mother of vinegar, which is put on clean skin, is left for 5 minutes, can be removed in half an hour in a controlled manner. After rinsing with water, moisturizing and nutritious effect Fermente Mutfağım Centaury Oil Cream is rubbed into the dried area, massaging the skin.

    Each vinegar mother is suitable for several uses. If desired, it can be cut with the help of a clean scissors, bringing it to the desired size. The mother used as a mask is stored in its own vinegar in a separate closed jar and discarded after several uses when it is deformed and a new one should be used.

    Weight and Storage
    is shipped in 600 ml glass jar, in its own organic apple cider vinegar. It remains intact for many years in a cool dark place in its own vinegar and jar. There is no need to store it in the refrigerator.

    CONTRACT NO: TR-OT-38-MG2-0038/34
    On 18.08.2010 and numbered 27676 on the basis of organic agriculture and its application Certified by Magenta (en-ot-38) within the scope of the issue.

    Click for Organic Certificate.

    Organic Vinegar Gluten Free Analysis Report

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