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Fermented Liquid Soap

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  • Probiotic - Fermented Liquid Soap

    Why Fermented Liquid Soap?
    • It cleans and purifies your skin deeply without leaving toxins behind.
    • The probiotic kombucha it contains supports the formation of natural flora on the skin.
    • Valuable components in it are a source of nourishment for the skin.
    • Actually the solution is that simple and straightforward.

    Fermented Liquid Soap
    • While cleaning your skin, it does not contaminate your body with toxins.
    • Contains live probiotics from fermentation.
    • It is natural because it is made from food ingredients.
    • It cleans the skin deeply.
    • Moisturizes the skin, prevents dryness and provides care to the skin.
    • Provides the nutrients and enzymes that the skin needs.
    • It helps to solve skin problems.

    Organic Kombucha (Probiotic Tea)
    It is produced by the traditional fermentation method and contains live probiotic bacteria since it is not pasteurized. During fermentation, not only probiotics but also B-vitamins, Omega-3 fatty acids and beneficial enzymes are formed. Besides being drunk, it is also perfect for external feeding. The natural flora it creates on the skin is the barrier the skin must have in order to combat pathogens. All of these increase the absorption of nutrients in the skin many times over. Properly, with regular use with appropriate ingredients, it helps in many areas such as slowing down the effects of aging, maintaining moisture balance, eliminating tone differences, fighting acne.

    Suitable for all skin types. It is suitable for hand, face and whole body use. Foam with water by squeezing a small amount into your palm. Then rinse with plenty of water.

    Weight and Storage
    • 250 ml.
    • It is stored for up to 1 year without direct exposure to heat and light.

    Use on Infants
    It is suitable for use by pregnant women and nursing mothers and babies.

    Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Kombucha Tea, Lemon Oil, Sunflower Oil, Water, Potassium Hydroxide *

    * Footnote
    Used with precise measurements for saponification of oils, potassium hydroxide converts into natural glycerin by combining with oils during saponification. It is completely absent in finished soap and leaves no residue.

    Does not contain!
    It does not contain DEET, alcohol, perfume, chemicals, petroleum derivatives and mineral oil. Free from paraben, lanolin, preservatives and harmful chemicals, fillers and gluten.

    Production according to GMP Standards
    Just like all our cleaning products and soaps, our personal care and cosmetic products are produced handmade from edible oils and edible raw materials by our chemists, under the framework of GMP certified " Good production systems ", in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Health and under the supervision of the Ministry of Health, after the necessary analysis and tests.

    Oils in it
    Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
    It contains vitamins A, D, E and K that are beneficial for the skin. Thanks to its antiseptic and antibacterial properties, it cleans and treats. Thanks to its moisturizing properties, it helps to slow down the effects of aging and protect the natural moisture of the skin.

    Lemon Oil
    It is astringent and a detoxifier for the skin. Due to its antiseptic properties, it is used in skin cleansing and treatment. It helps in reducing the effects of aging and oil on the skin and removing dead cells.

    Edible Sunflower Oil
    In addition to removing oil and foaming very well, it has numerous benefits for the skin. The vitamin E and high amount of beta-carotene it contains are very effective for skin health and appearance.

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