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Lavender Oil Baby Soap

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  • Lavender Oil Baby Soap

    Our handmade soap, which we produce in accordance with the sensitivity of baby skin, is produced by cold press method. It has been successfully passed the dermatological, allergen and paraben tests and approved for baby skin .

    Does natural baby soap burn eyes?
    In the past, mothers used to wash their babies with natural handmade soaps. We grew up knowing that if soap gets into our eyes while we are washing, our eyes will burn. When we were babies, our mothers washed us without soap in our eyes, and taught us how to wash our babies like this. Tear-free baby shampoos came out much later, and everyone suddenly came to believe that the soap and shampoo suitable for babies are tear-free ones. Maybe that's why most mothers nowadays never learned to wash babies without getting soap in their eyes. But believe that your mother or your elders know this very well.
    It is very important for us that our babies take a bath with joy without getting soap in their eyes and without being exposed to any chemical poison. Instead of looking for the solution in synthetic toxic chemicals, we sought the real solution and believed that regaining our traditional habits was the only healthy solution. Let no chemicals touch the sensitive skin of our babies and children, let their skin nourish with natural healing oils, let our children grow up with health, and health last for generations.

    Production in GMP Standards
    While producing our lavender oil baby soap, each oil we add into it has been carefully selected and formulated according to sensitive baby skin and delicate skin. It is produced by our chemists, just like our other soaps, cosmetics and cleaning products, in accordance with the Regulation of the Ministry of Health within the framework of good production systems with GPM certification.
    Health and pure cleansing from edible oils
    Our baby soap, which does not contain any synthetic inputs including dyes and perfumes, is produced with 100% edible oils.

    Oils in Lavender Oil Baby Soap

    Olive oil
    All of our soaps are produced with extra-virgin olive oil. Olive oil acts as a moisturizer on the skin. It also hardens soaps and creates whiter soaps.

    Palm Seed Oil
    When combined with other oils like castor oil, olive oil, and coconut oil, it creates a great, hard, long-lasting soap. It moisturizes and nourishes the skin and helps the soap to foam.

    Coconut Oil
    Thanks to the moisture it gives to the skin, coconut oil helps prevent skin dryness. Thanks to the super cleansing power of coconut oil, it provides deep cleansing on the skin and hair.

    Apricot Kernel Oil
    Rich in vitamins A, C, E, linoleic and oleic acids, apricot seed oil is a luxurious conditioning oil that nourishes the skin while making it soft at the same time.

    Indian Oil
    Contains vitamin E and other antioxidants. Apart from its high moisturizing feature, it helps to increase the foam in the soap. It gives the soap a rich, creamy foam.

    Lavender oil
    Lavender oil contains powerful antibacterial properties that help heal cuts and abrasions on the skin. It is also a powerful antiseptic that has the ability to kill pathogens that live on the skin and cause disease. Lavender oil not only positively affects your skin, but also your mood.

    Lavender Oil Baby Soap Does Not Include These!
    It does not contain edta, soap base, SLES, synthetic chemicals, perfume, paraben, alcohol, silicone, colorant, animal fat and input, gelatin, carbon black, soap base, Eo and no preservatives.

    Lavender Oil Baby Soap Instructions for Use and Additional Information
    Since it is handmade, its weight may vary between 110 gr. and 120 gr.
    You can keep it in a dry place for many years. Be sure to leave it in a dry place in your bathroom after you start using it.
    Suitable for all skin types.

    Suitable for hand, face and whole body use.
    * Footnote
    Used with precise measurements for saponification of oils, sodium hydroxide converts into natural glycerin by combining with oils during saponification. It is completely absent in finished soap and leaves no residue.

    It occurs naturally during saponification. Due to its positive effects on the skin, it is separated from soap in industrial production and used as a raw material in cosmetic products. Thanks to the glycerin that forms spontaneously in our handmade soaps, our soaps do not dry out and do not dry your skin like other soaps. For this reason, our soaps do not crack and melt easily in the bathroom.

    Click for Baby Soap Allergen, Paraben Free and Dermatological Test Results!

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