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Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil 300 gr

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  • Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil 300 gr

    Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil Large (300 gr)
    The beneficial fats in coconut oil are easy to digest and instead of being stored as fat in the body, they are immediately converted by the body into either energy or ketones. It is used as an aid in many areas such as general health, skin care, hair care, increasing fat burning, contribution to breast milk, fighting candida fungus. To achieve these benefits, the right coconut oil should be consumed every day.

    What Should Be Considered When Buying Coconut Oil?
    Using the right coconut oil is essential because only a real product can give results.

    The Coconut Oil must be;
    • Organic certified,
    • Cold pressed manufactured,
    • Cold pressed bottled,
    • Gluten free,
    • High Lauric acid content.

    Therefore; In the Philippines, we searched for, found and offered organic certified coconut oil, which is the best in the world in its field, rich in lauric acid, pressed and bottled in accordance with cold pressing conditions, and presented to you with our brand and assurance.

    Coconut oil; It is insoluble in water, melting point is 21-27 C.

    Internal Nutrition and Usage Areas
    It can be added to tea, milk or water and can be used with coconut oil turmeric cure or in meals.
    Adults can consume one or two dessert spoons a day or two at a time.
    This rate should be slightly less for use by children.

    External Nutrition, Skin and Hair Care
    There is a lot of research about the use of coconut oil for skin and hair, and that applying coconut oil alone to the skin and hair can have side effects. For this reason, we have produced soaps, creams, skin care repair products, detox products and shampoos with 100% edible content, hand-made and providing highly effective results, using other useful oils that are at least as effective as Coconut Oil.

    Weight and Storage
    300 gr. in a glass jar. It can be used with its mouth tightly closed at room temperature without exposure to direct sun and light, and it can be used easily until its expiration date after opening. Since it is an oil that melts at room temperature, it is a melted liquid in summer and solid in winter. Melting and re-freezing does not diminish its benefit, only high temperature effects.

    Click for Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil Analysis Report!

    CLIENT NO: TR-OT-38-MG2-0038 / 34
    It has been certified by Magenta (tr-ot-38) within the scope of the regulation on organic farming principles and implementation published in the Official Gazette dated 18.08.2010 and numbered 27676.
    Business Registration Number: TR-34-K-173475

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