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Coconut Oil Soap

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  • Coconut Oil Soap

    Our Coconut Oil Soap
    A natural moisturizer for the skin. It has deep cleaning properties. It helps to heal the skin.

    Why Coconut Oil?
    Coconut oil contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and soothes the skin without the use of harmful chemicals. Fatty acids in it; It helps to remove dirt, dead skin and other skin impurities.

    Do Natural Soaps Burn Eyes?
    Due to the fact that soaps made with handmade, chemical-free, natural oils and the eye pH are different, it can burn the eye in contact with the eye. Avoid eye contact. In case of contact with your eyes, rinse with plenty of water.

    Production According to GMP Standards
    All our cosmetic and cleaning products and soaps; It is produced manually by our chemists in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Health and under the supervision of the Ministry of Health, with the necessary analysis and tests, using the cold press method, within the framework of GMP certified " Good production systems ".

    Health and Pure Cleansing from Edible Oils
    Each oil in our soap; They are 100% edible oils, all of which have antioxidant and antiseptic properties, carefully selected to nourish, moisturize and cleanse the skin.

    Weight-Instructions for Use, Life and Storage

    • Since it is handmade, its weight is 108 gr. with 120 gr. may vary between.
    • You can keep it in a dry place for many years. Be sure to leave it in a dry place in your bathroom after you start using it.
    • Available for all of skin types.
    • Suitable for hair and whole body use.

    Fats in it

    Olive oil
    All of our soaps are produced with extra virgin olive oil. While olive oil acts as a moisturizer on the skin, it hardens the soap and contributes to the formation of whiter soaps.

    Palm Seed Oil
    Creates a great, hard and long-lasting soap. It moisturizes and nourishes the skin and helps the soap to foam.

    Coconut Oil
    Thanks to the high moisture it provides to the skin, it helps prevent skin dryness. It is effective in deep cleansing of the skin and hair with its super cleansing power.

    Indian Oil
    Contains vitamin E and other antioxidants. Apart from its high moisturizing and healing properties, it gives the soap a rich, creamy foam.

    Does not contain!
    It does not contain Edta, soap base, SLES, synthetic chemicals, perfume, paraben, alcohol, silicone, colorant, animal fat and input, gelatin, carbon black, soap base, Eo and no preservatives.

    * Foot Note:
    Saponification value of each oil is different. For the saponification of oils, a calculated amount of sodium hydroxide is added during the production and during saponification it combines with the oils to turn into natural glycerin*. It is completely absent in finished soap and leaves no residue.

    It occurs naturally during saponification. In industrial soap production, glycerin is separated from soap to be used as a raw material in cosmetic products. Thanks to the glycerin that forms spontaneously in our handmade soaps and remains in the soap, our soaps do not dry out and do not dry your skin like other soaps. For this reason, our soaps do not crack and melt easily in the bathroom.

    Click on " Coconut Oil Soap " to get information about the content and detailed use of our product.

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